We’re happy to reveal the first episode of our animated story Raaji. This courageous girl from Thar is fighting patriarchy, changing mindsets, educating young girls & fighting against honour killings in Pakistan.

Once there were gang wars in Lyari, now there are girls studying there and designing an app called Wannaping to improve the conditions of their area. Jamila Khaskheli & Rabika Urooj have found mentorship and support at The Nest I/O

Meet the Jinnah girls changing speech therapy in Pakistan with Bolo Tech. These vibrant young women have designed a software that can change the lives of hearing-impaired kids and adults forever. They are incubated The Nest I/O and won the Ilm Ideas scholarship.

We rounded up some guys & asked them to share their thoughts on the importance of women empowerment

Hear what happens when Raaji arrives in Karachi for the first time. She faces a problem, blames herself for it and ends up being mocked by all the girls at the hostel.

Find out more about activist Sheema Kermani’s youth Initiative for Art Appreciation in Karachi by Tehrik-e-Niswan starting 17th July for ages 14 to 26.

Just words are not enough, Now have to learn

Meet the Nestlings – Aurat Raaj

Aurat Raaj wins Social Media for Empowerment Award 2018.

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