Pakistani entrepreneur reinvents Denim with her startup Weft & Warp

  •  Maira Ahmed
  •  December 18, 2017

Rida Khanum is harnessing the talent and potential of local craftsmen to cater to the local and international denim scene.

“Roaming in the narrow alleys in Orangi town, I was awestruck by the mastery of our craftsmen. That day I decided to use my innovation in denim to highlight Pakistani talent in local and global arena.”, says CEO of Weft & Warp Rida Khanum.  Leveraging her unique designs in denim she created breathtaking wallets and waistcoats to fulfill her passion of showcasing Pakistani talent, while minimizing carbon footprints.

Having graduated in Textile Design from University of Karachi, she was always passionate about arts and wanted to create something extraordinary.Weft and Warp boasts one of a kind product line owing to the unique patterns that have been incorporated in its production.Furthermore, her astonishingly appealing designs and the fact that her entire product (right from dying to stitching and packaging) is handcrafted with extreme care, makes her product stand out in any display. Rida Khanum personally inspects each and every process and unit to ensure that her customers get only the finest quality denim products.

Hand-crafted by local artisans using the finest local cotton and naturally derived indigo dyes, the products try to create impact and sustenance for our cottage industry. Furthermore her products promotes the capability of Pakistani craftsman and serve as testimonials in the global arena.

“Weft & Warp products are in harmony with Mother Nature. We start our production process right from the yarn to minimize carbon footprint. No chemicals are used throughout the process to ensure that the final product is completely eco-friendly.”

With perseverance and hard work, Rida has got her where she is today. Having recently graduated from the Nest i/o in Karachi, a technology incubator with global partners being Google and Samsung, she speaks highly of her mentor Jehan Ara and her experience at The Nest i/o.

“The Nest i/o is an amazing place that harbors the best minds and promotes amongst them a culture of collaboration, innovation and friendly competition”

She further shares that the Nest i/o served to be a platform for exposure where not only she got the opportunity of self-validation and enhancement but she got the chance to interact and connect with people that mentored her and were helpful in generating ideas and served to be great networking contacts.

It has to be said that Weft & Warp is producing a unique denim range that is truly Pakistani. From the basic raw materials, the techniques, the craftsmen and artisans are all locals. Rida Khanum herself, is a perfect example of how dedication, hard work and guidance in the right path can lead to success.

She is not inspired by any single person but seeks inspiration from every successful woman out there, who is fighting against odds and norms to turn their visions into reality. Let us hope that her dream of bringing Pakistan on the world map in the fashion industry for producing quality denims gets fulfilled.


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