The Women of Kund Malir

  •  Saba Khalid
  •  April 23, 2017

It was a sweltering day in Balochistan. The women in these pictures are originally from the desert of Thar and they had been walking for days with their men and children. As female journalists from the city, we had never seen such intricate jewelry and clothes. Despite their conservative families, the women really wanted to be seen and heard by us. At the same time, they wanted to see us and hear us city women too. So we posed together, we laughed a little, connected despite all the men glaring at us the whole time. Then they left on foot in the severe heat while we left in our air-conditioned vans. It was strange how absolutely disconnected women from the same country were that they saw each other with absolute fascination.

Thar woman Thar women Thar women Kund Malir Women Thar Women Thar women

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